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This is a series of photographs I worked on a few years ago. My goal was to capture true reality, a reality with out the influence of a camera. I wanted to study the true nature of humanity. In pursuing this proposal I began researching the ways of discrete photographing. I came across many affordable options such as watches, glasses, and keychains which all had hidden cameras inside. I decided upon purchasing a spy pen which put me down 20 bucks, but was worth every penny. I found myself favoring the photos taken in the subway. It seemed to be the best place to capture the essence of chicago's cuture. The concept of photographing powerful images through a rural enviroment has been played with in the past by many artists such as Larry Clark and my biggest influence, Bruce Davidson. Bruce Davidson and I have similar objectives in our art but the differences lie in our processes. He of course uses a visible camera which adds some interference to the reality of the situation. The pictures of Bruce Davidson are much better quality than

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